General Information

Considered one of the oldest and most stable democracies in the continent, Costa Rica is a presidential republic.



For reservations, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Number in Costa Rica: +506 2298-0844
  • Number in the United States of America: +1-888-813-2776
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Deadline for reservations: April 3, 2023.
  • Area: 51,179 km².
  • Population: 5,154,000 people
  • Demonym: Costa Ricans (popularly "ticos/ticas").
  • Life expectancy: 80 years
  • Literacy: 98%.
  • Climate: Dry season (December-April) and rainy season (May-November).


Costa Rica is located in Central America, and has land limits with Nicaragua and Panama, besides having maritime borders with both countries, Colombia and Ecuador. Its capital is San José.


Costa Rica is characterized by very stable temperatures between its dry and rainy seasons. During May, temperatures are expected to remain between 18° and 26° Celsius. Rainy days are also expected.


The Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen is located in Belen, province of Heredia, in the Central Valley of the country. It is 15 minutes from the Juan Santamaria International Airport and 25 minutes from the center of the capital.


Considered one of the oldest and most stable democracies in the continent, Costa Rica is a presidential republic. In addition, it has a Congress of 57 deputies (Legislative Assembly), the Judiciary, and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.
  • President of the Republic: Rodrigo Chaves Robles
  • It has no army. It was abolished in December 1948.

  • Environmental policies: It is home to 6% of the world's biodiversity and is defined as one of the 25 megadiverse countries in the world. Costa Rica has signed more than 45 environmental treaties and is a global benchmark for public policies such as electricity production from renewable sources (98.68% in 2022), its payment for environmental services that allowed it to reverse deforestation and achieve a forest cover that exceeds half of the territory and its ambitious Decarbonization Plan, among others.
  • Language: The official language is Spanish and about 10% of the population speaks English as a second language. In tourist destinations you can also find attention in French and German, among others.



The predominant sport is soccer. However, the country's main sporting achievements have been in swimming, athletics and surfing.


Costa Rica has an unlimited supply of vegetables and fruits, which added to a historical process of miscegenation has generated a wide and varied gastronomic offer, in which Casado, Gallo Pinto, different snacks, juices, soups and broths, among other plates offered by restaurants and popular establishments known as "sodas" stand out.

Costa Rica is one of the most recognized producers of gourmet coffee in the world, and its population has a high consumption of the beverage.


The country musical tastes are similar to those of Latin America, with a high popularity of tropical dances such as salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton. In turn, celebrations and special events include the Creole swing, the Guanacasteco point, the cimarronas, calypso and others.


Many of Costa Rica's traditions are associated with patriotic, religious or cultural dates such as the Parade of Lanterns, the Abolition of the Army, Easter Week processions, Limón's carnivals and more.


    • GDP per capita: US$13,159 (year 2022, at official exchange rate)
    • Main productive activities:
      • Services: 69.1% of GDP (Tourism, business services and related activities, and telecommunications)
      • Industry: 24.9% of GDP (medical devices, food processing and chemical products)
      • Agriculture: 6% of GDP (sugar cane, pineapple, banana and coffee)

  • Dollar exchange rate (range during the current year): The official currency is the colón, whose exchange rate has fluctuated between 547 and 602 colones per U.S. dollar. Dollars are commonly accepted in tourist destinations.
  • Euro exchange rate (range during the current year): Has fluctuated between €1.05 and €1.09 per U.S. dollar.


Country entry requirements

  1. Passport in good condition
  2. Proof of financial solvency (100 USD)
  3. Out of the country ticket
  4. Visa, if required according to country of origin (click here to download the official document with the requirements -in Spanish)

PCR testing and vaccination against COVID-19 is not currently requested, but is recommended.

Geographical distribution:

Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces: San José, Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago (in the center of the country) and Puntarenas, Guanacaste and Limón (coastal). 

• 5 most visited places in Costa Rica.

  1. Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna de San Carlos, 124km and 3 hours from the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen.
  2. Manuel Antonio National Park, 158 km and 3 hours from the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen.
  3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, 139 km and 3.5 hours from the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belén
  4. Poás Volcano, 40 km and 1 hour from the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belén
  5. Cahuita National Park and Puerto Viejo, 217 km and 5 hours from the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen.

Public transportation:

a) Cab, US$1.6 per kilometer

b) Buses with distances between 2 and 20 km within the city, between 0,6 USD and 3 USD.

c) Buses from San José to coastal areas, between US$6.5 and US$15

d)Train to or from San José with connections to Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago is around US$1.5, with limited schedules.

More information about tourist sites at


In case of an emergency you can request assistance from

  • Emergency System: 9-1-1
  • Traffic Police: (506) 2523-3300, extensions 1024 through 1029
  • General Directorate of Migration: (506) 2299-8100

Contact information for some embassies in Costa Rica:

  • Embassy of the United States of America, located in Pavas, San José. Telephone: (506) 2519-2000
  • Embassy of Mexico, located in Barrio Otoya, San José. Phone number: (506) 2257 0633
  • Embassy of Chile, located in Barrio Los Yoses, San José. Phone number: (506) 2280 0037
  • Embassy of Switzerland, located in Paseo Colón, San José. Phone number: (506) 2221 4829

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Latin America, however, basic safety precautions are recommended:

  • Use official and formal transportation services
  • Attend formal and verifiable establishments.
  • Keep your belongings within reach
  • No not attend to people with suspicious attitudes